Play of the Month is a sideways glance at the narrative of a particular story which is intended to accompany and compliment the book in an original and thought-provoking way. Just another way to reward Armchair Detective readers.



The Armchair Detective Remembered

Lovers in Crete

  Debsy throws open the curtains of their luxury room, which is more like a villa really, and gazes out at the beautifully stunning view of Aghios Nikolaos and the deep pure blueness of the Aegean Sea. " I love Crete," she purrs.

  Trench stirs in the bed. "You're dressed," he says sleepily.

  "Yes, it's what one does, after cleaning one's teeth," Desby tries her best to sound haughty but doesn't quite succeed.

  "But we're on 'honeymoon'." Trench opens the covers invitingly.

  "Yes, well - it's a busy day... unfortunately. Come on - we've booked a trip - remember."

  Trench attempts to sound indignant. "Hey, you're the one who told the hotel we're on honeymoon, when we're err not. Hence, the honeymoon suite, flowers, chocolates, bottle of champagne."

  Debsy takes a deep breath. "It was a simple misunderstanding. You're not complaining - are you?"

  "Well, no. All right, I'll get up - in a moment." Trench frowns slightly as he suddenly thinks. "Where are we supposed to be going, anyway?"

  "For breakfast," Debsy says mischeviouly before adding: "Before you attempt to protest - I know what you mean. We're going on a boat trip - to the unique little island of Spinalonga."

  "Spinalonga? What's there? An area of natural beauty - or a theme park?"

  Debsy looks at Trench squarely in the eye. "How about the ruined remains of the last-ever Lepar Colony in Europe?"

  "Sounds like loads of fun."

  "And I don't want any inappropiate jokes about Lepars."

  "I wouldn't do that." Trench finally brushes away the covers. "Well, we'd better look lively then."

  Debsy looks at the retreating figure into the bathroom. "What's your sudden rush - and interest?"

  "A Lepar Colony," Trench calls from the bathroom, "I wonder if there's any still there..."

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